Benefits of studying in Japan

  • Acquiring high Japanese proficiency will lead to future career advancement.
  • You can get high quality education at a high level educational institution cheaper than in Europe and the United States.
  • In addition to general studies such as economics, law, and engineering, you can study various fields such as animation, games, and hospitality at a higher education institution.
  • You can experience Japan’s unique historical culture and rich food culture.
  • Japan has few crimes and you can live a study abroad life in a safe environment.

Role of Japanese language school

The purpose of studying abroad in Japan varies from student to student, such as receiving higher education, finding a job, or wanting to learn Japanese culture.
Especially in order to play an active role in Japan, it is important to have knowledge of lifestyle and unique manners as well as language skills. Therefore, international students generally go on to school or get a job from a Japanese language school.
There are various conditions for going on to higher education (university, graduate school, vocational school) or getting a job in Japan. By enrolling in a Japanese language school and then proceeding to the next step, you will be able to clear the conditions for going on to university, graduate school, vocational school, and getting a job.

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