Saskatchewan has been a home to one of the country’s very promptly increasing economies and population. This has been due to the acknowledgment of arrival of immigrants from throughout the world.

This place if covered by grasslands of western Canada. It economy has a huge output of agriculture and other natural resource industries. The most common natural resource industries found in the province are fishing and forestry. It brags into two major cities i.e., Saskatoon and Regina forwarded with a big stretch of primeval forests.

The Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program is an opportunity for the potential immigrants who have the required skills and experience as per the needs of the province. These potential applicants shall receive a Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination certificate that lets them apply for permanent residency in the province.

These applications are accepted under the following categories:

Category 1: International Skilled Worker Category

Category 2: Saskatchewan Experience Category

Category 3: Entrepreneur and Farm Category

Every category is divided into subcategories that make it easier for the applicants to understand and apply in the most suitable category they might belong to.

International Skilled Worker Category

In this category, the skilled workers who plan to permanently settle in the province can apply for the program. They are selected on a point base system and are thus nominated under 3 streams:

International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer

Under this stream, the skilled workers who already have a job offer from Saskatchewan employer can apply for the program.

International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand

The occupations in-demand category has accepted the maximum number of applications until May 2016. Thus, it has temporarily closed inviting of applications under this stream.

Under this stream, the highly skilled workers who have work experience in an in-demand job on Saskatchewan can apply. These candidates might not have a job offer in any other province.

International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry

This stream helps the province to select candidates who are already in immigration or refugees and citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) express entry pool. These workers should necessarily have the required skills and work experience as per in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Experience Category

The second category i.e., Saskatchewan experience category for immigration involves the international skilled workers who are presently living in Saskatchewan. This category includes the following streams:

Existing Work Permit

his stream is for candidates who have been working in Saskatchewan under a valid work permit for a minimum of six months.

Health Professionals

This stream is for candidates who have been working either as a physician, nurse or as any other health professional under a valid work permit for a minimum of six months.

Hospitality Sector Project

This stream is for candidates who are presently working in the province as food or beverage servers, housekeeping and cleaning staff, kitchen helpers, goof counter attendants or any other related work for a minimum of 6 month period. Under this stream, it is mandatory for the employer to have an approval from the Province of Saskatchewan before the applicant starts working in Canada.

Long Haul Truck Driver Project

This stream is for candidates who are presently working for a certified trucking business in the province. The drivers must be working for their present employers for at least 6 months before they apply for permanent residency.


This stream is for candidates who have accredited from a certified post-secondary college or university in Canada. The minimum requirement for the graduate to apply for this program is that the student should have worked for at least a year in the province before applying. The minimum number of months required 6 months if they work for institutions in Saskatchewan.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

The entrepreneur and farm category are for the candidates who have intended to own and strongly operate a business firm or a farming operation in the province.

This category is divided into 2 streams:

Entrepreneur stream

This stream is for candidates who want to invest and manage their own business in the province. The candidates who want to acquire, establish or partner with a business are also included. These applicants are expected to have a diligent management role in the business. This stream works on the basis of expression of interest model.

Farm Owners and Operators stream

This stream is for the experienced and skilled farmers who intend to invest in land for farming in Saskatchewan. They should be looking forward to permanently settle in the province and should be genuine.