PG medical in UK after MBBS in India

PG medical in UK after MBBS in India

United Kingdom is well known for the quality education and medical standards. Masters in medical program from UK attracts a great reputation in the field.

Few Universities in UK accept the Indian MBBS Degree for entry to PG Programmes without PLAB exam and a minimum of two years work experience excluding the internship period.

some of the upcoming clinical specialisations that students pursuing their medical degree abroad can consider are

MD Internal Medicine in UK

MD Internal medicine is a 3 year specialised General Medicine Program. University will offer General Medical Council to the enrolled student so that the student can get in hand training in NHS Hospital in UK.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Stay and work in one of the oldest universities in the UK.
  • Gain hands-on training in all major specialities of clinical medicine.
  • Clinical training portfolios akin to the UK local training programme in partnership with RCP London, enabling completion of MRCP.
  • Work as a junior doctor (paid work up to 20 hours a week) alongside the local graduates.

This course is ideal for ambitious International Doctors who will benefit from a Clinical MD, intensive clinical training, MRCP, options for working in the NHS and research training.

Master in Surgery (MCH)

  • MCH Orthopedic
  • Surgical Interventions
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • We are accepting applications for the next intake.

Other Courses

  • Pediatrics
  • Pre-natal Genetics and Fetal Medicine
  • Assisted Conception
  • Diploma in Diabetes

Studying PG Medicine and Surgery in the UK

UK has always been a preferred location for advanced medical education or Post Graduation Medical Education. In India we can find number of renowned and respected doctors with large set of degrees ending with MRCP, FRCP,MRCS, FRCS, MRCOG etc. That’s the power of the UK in terms of attracting top minds and silent way of proudly saying that I am trained in most respected medical practice worldwide.

UK attracts number of medical professionals looking for Research in Oncology, Medicine, surgery or any other allied fields. Training opportunities in UK is also very popular among Indian doctors.

Course Options in UK

Clinical Doctor of Medicine in UK

  • Internal Medicine
  • Cardio-Vascular
  • Gastroenterology
  • Diabetes
  • Psychiatric Medicine

Surgery in UK

  • Orthopaedic
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Vasular
  • Urology
  • ENT
  • Opthalmology

Dermatology in UK

  • Many British Universities are offering Clinical Dermatology programs in UK. Leading universities offering such programs in the speciality are King’s College London and University College London. MRCP will be registering body in UK.

Paediatrics in UK

  • Masters courses in Paediatrics is available in University College London and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. RCPCH will be registering body in UK.

Entry Requirements:

There are strict entry requirements for those looking to study medicine at the postgraduate levels. IELTS scores range from 6.5 to 7.5 from institution to institution. Those looking to study a postgraduate programme should have completed a undergraduate degree in Medicine followed by relevant work experience of minimum three years. Mostly universities select students after many rounds of interviews and a proven track record during practice.

Does it make Sense to Study Medicine Abroad?

The primary reason why many students look to go abroad to study medicine is that they fail to secure a seat in a heavily quota-based system in India and with the introduction of NEET -PG situation worsened. This truly de-motivates talented and skilled students, who deserve better and unless merit-based rankings and ratings supersede the caste-based quota system of allotment; the ‘brain drain’ will continue!.

Huge fees of Private Medical Colleges in India, also restricts the talented and passionate minds from taking the seats in India. The professionalism in terms of teaching, state-of-the-art learning facilities and opportunities for research are the other factors that contribute to students going abroad to study medicine PG.

MCI recognises degrees from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Also, the standard of training and the medical standards in the said five countries are considered best worldwide. There is no point discussing about the countries which are not recognised by MCI for Post Graduation.

What to do after Graduation?

These courses are ideal for ambitious International Doctors who will benefit from a Clinical MD, intensive clinical training, MRCP, MRCS, MRCOG, options for working in the NHS and research training. UK expect graduates from the course to become prominent Medical Practitioners in their country of origin.

After successful completion of the course one should come to their native country and serve the society. Though UK provides working opportunities but remember in India we have huge shortage of medical professionals

FMGE/MCI Failed Foreign Medical Graduates

Foreign Medical Graduates

Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG), is a physician who has graduated from a medical school outside of the country where he or she intends to practice. Generally, the medical school of graduation is one listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) as accredited by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research or the World Health Organization.

A mismatch in number of medical aspirants and available seats, intense competition and unaffordable costs of medical education prompt many Indian students to pursue training opportunities abroad. Many later return to India, and these foreign medical graduates (FMGs) must pass a qualification test which is a required to practice medicine in India.

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination/MCI Screening

In order to enter the Indian health system, IMG physicians must pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) screening test conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). The NBE was established in 1975 with a motive of standardising post-graduate medical education in India. Since 1982, the NBE has functioned as an independent, autonomous body for the field of medical sciences broadly. Its principal goal is to improve the quality of medical education by elevating the level of education and establishing threshold standards for post-graduate medical examinations.

As per the FMGE screening test 2002 regulations, “An Indian citizen possessing a primary medical qualification awarded by any medical institution outside India who is desirous of getting provisional or permanent registration with the MCI or any State Medical Council on or after 15.03.2002 shall have to qualify a screening test conducted by the prescribed authority for that purpose as per the provisions of section 13 of the Act.”

Why do so many foreign MBBS degree holders fail in the MCI test to practice in India?

Options for FMGE/MCI failed medical graduates

Foreign Medical graduates who failed in clearing FMGE/MCI screening test have the following options:

FMGE Exam is conducted twice a year. Next exam is scheduled for June/Dec of the following year. Work hard and clear the examination


Those who want to expand their knowledge or want to take further Post Graduate programs in UK. We offer range of Medical Post Graduate programs in the following specialities

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Diabetes
  • Radio Diagnosis
  • Oncology
  • Clinical Embryology and assisted conception
  • Dermatology
  • Orthopaedics


Completed their Internship Abroad:

IMG who have completed their internship (China Medical Graduates) can apply to these courses and study for 1 or 2 years (depending upon course duration). They will have the opportunity to get trained and update their knowledge in world class universities and research centres. To be eligible for Membership of concerned Royal College, one needs to have at least on year of experience in concerned speciality. These Post Graduate programs being clinical in nature not only prepares IMG upto the UK standards but also opens opportunities for MRCP, MRCS, MRCR etc. respectively.

These Membership Of Royal Colleges entitles IMG to License to practice in UK along with its validity in 147 countries across the globe. IMG with this qualification can get MCI Screening exemtion in India too.

Haven’t completed their Internship:

IMG who haven’t completed their internship can also take these programs but they have to complete their internship (F1 Training in UK) to be eligible for Membership of concerned Royal College.


We need the following documents to process your application for MD Program in UK ·

  • 10 or equivalent mark sheet and certificate
  • 12 or equivalent mark sheet and certificate
  • MBBS semester wise mark sheets
  • MBBS Degree provisional or permanent
  • Attempt certificate
  • Internship completion certificate
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Copy of Passport first and last page