Ontario Immigration In Demand Occupation List

Ontario PNP Occupation in Demand List 

If you are planning to apply for Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) then I must say you have taken a very smart decision. Ontario is a home to the National capital of Canada -Ottawa and has many employment and infrastructure facilities which makes it one of the good regions of Canada to settle.

At times getting a PR status of a particular region is the best thing to do especially when due to some reason the qualifications of Express Entry Program are not met.  Some of the provinces would have anyways been your first choice to settle in Canada but application through PNP makes the candidate eligible for extra points.

What is Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP)?

Under OINP, the Government of Ontario selects candidates from the express entry pool and it selects skilled labour which will help boost the economy of the region. Actually inviting skilled work force to their region is the primary reason behind this form of PR status. OINP screens the application received and sends them after review to the IRCC for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) status. In this form of selection there are three categories through which the candidate can apply:

  • Human capital priorities Stream
  • International Students with job offer
  • International Students without job offer

What are the basic eligibility criteria in this category?

Based on these streams there are different eligibility criteria for different category.  Some of the demands that need to be fulfilled in case you are selected through the Express Entry are:

  • Have a permanent full-time job offer in a skilled occupation (NOC categories O, A, B) from an employer, who will also have to submit an application to validate your selection.
  • Have basic educational qualification as per the Express Entry Norms (certificate/diploma etc.)
  • Have relevant experience in occupation in-demand which should meet the Express Entry basic requirements.
  • While filling the Express entry form the option of “Interested in Moving to Ontario” should be selected.
  • Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) score of 400 points.

What are the In-demand professions in Ontario?

Ontario does not have any specific profession which is in demand in the region, it just requires the candidate to be skilled in National Occupational Classification (NOC)category – O, A or B.

  • Skill Type 0 – Management Jobs
  • Skill Type A –  Professional Jobs with a degree
  • Skill Type B –  Technical Jobs

However, if you are an ICT professional then there is a whole list of occupations which was released in June 2017 under it the candidate can receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) for OINP even with the score lower than 400 otherwise OINP never accepts a score lower than 400.

What is the general processing time for OINP?

The average processing time of the application in all the categories is 30 to 60 days. Except two categories in which the time limit is dependent on the nature of application i.e. – Entrepreneurship and Corporate stream. In these two cases the applications are processed on the basis of individual cases. However, it can take less than 30 days if the applicant is applying through the Ontario Express Entry Skilled Traders Stream

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