Nursing study in GERMANY-After +2


Basic Qualification 10 +2 with any subjects.
This is an advantage for Arts group Students who were willing to become Nurse.
Total 4 years of study including language.8-10 months in India & Remaining in Germany.
Total Expense 5 lakhs including one way air-ticket / Total 2 intake in a year.
Stipend during last 3 years of study in Germany
II year average stipend € 800+ ( Rs65000/-) per month.
III year € 900+ ( Rs75000/-) per month
IV year € 1000+ ( Rs85000/-) per month
Average living expense per month in Germany is € 500.00(Rs.45000.00)
Step 1 Preparation in India (6-8 months)
• Language study
• Vocational training contract signing.
• Visa recognition
Step 2 Preparation in Germany (4-5 months)
• Language level B2
• Integration course & Intercultural classes
Step 3 Dual Vocational training in Germany (36 months)
• Studying theoretical knowledge in the vocational school
• Learning practical skill
Step 4 Working in Germany
• Signing a working contract.
• Indefinite Residence permit after 2 Years
Basic pay in Germany is €2500+ (above 2lakhs INR) & within 2 years, can become a permanent Resident.
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