Contacts in 250 medical institutions

Legal employment in 12 months

Salaries from 18,000 euro per year 

We help nurses from India, to find highly paid jobs at public and private clinics in Germany. 


We help qualified medical personnel find a dream job with decent working conditions and high pay in one of the most developed countries in Western Europe.

We accompany at all stages of employment. It means we will be with you from the first study consultation to the signing of employment contract with the employer.

You can ask us any questions about your employment and all aspects related to your resettlement.

We take care of all the bothers with preparation and translation of documents, we direct and advise step by step, up to the first working day at a new place.

We teach German at the required B1, B2 level of proficiency for employment.



We focus on your wishes. We are looking for work that will completely suit you in the region, functional responsibilities, working conditions. Your individual requirements, wishes and qualifications help in finding the ideal place and the employer with whom you will have a partnership at a glance.


You do not need to pay for our services. The costs are borne by the employer.


We guarantee that your diploma is fully or partially recognized in Germany. According to the law adopted in Germany in 2012, you have the right to work in Germany with the diploma you received in your country after undergoing the recognition of the diploma. We will help you through this procedure.


You do not need to look for external language courses. We can help you improve your German skills to B2 or learn the language from scratch. We provide German online courses for medical staff. After our courses you will be able to freely communicate with patients and the employer. It will be easier for you to understand the tasks and make connections in your new language environment. Learn more about German courses for nurses and medical personnel.


In our database there are 250 medical institutions throughout Germany that are looking for medical personnel. You will definitely find a suitable place of work.



  • Sign up for a consultation with us. At the consultation you will receive general information about the employment of medical personnel to Germany.
  • We will tell you how to get through the diploma recognition process as quickly and easily as possible.
  • We will tell you how to enroll in German courses for medical personnel.
  • We will answer all your additional questions.

Diploma recognition 

We officially employ medical personnel in Germany. Therefore, before applying for a job, you will need to confirm the diploma you received in your country.

We will help you go through an individual diploma recognition procedure without unnecessary stress.

How does the diploma recognition procedure go?

You submit documents to the testing department. There, your education is compared with a similar German education. The department will compare the duration of education, the content of education and your experience in the indicated specialty.

ATTENTION: If you received a nurse diploma in Ukraine, it will not correspond to education in Germany. Therefore, the testing department partially recognizes your education. You will be given recommendations on what subjects will need to be completed in order to receive full diploma recognition.

We will help you get a temporary work permit as an assistant nurse. In a clinic, at the place of work, you can learn the necessary subjects in order to receive full recognition of the diploma. Typically, training takes about 6 months.
During training, salary is up to 2,000 Euro. Accommodation is free.

Documents for an interview

In order to successfully pass the first online interview, you need to send to our email,, a package of 4 documents. Here they are:

  1. Certificate of German proficiency not lower than level B1.
  2. CV with photo
  3. Copy of employment record book
  4. Copy of a medical education diploma

Interview with a potential employer and signing a contract

After you have chosen a clinic, and it has chosen you, you will need to collect a package of documents for the recognition of your diploma and translate them into German.

ATTENTION: Each region of Germany has its own requirements for a list of documents for diploma confirmation.

Pay particular attention to the quality of the translation. Translations must be made and certified by a sworn translator in Germany. Translations of documents made in India, Russia, Ukraineetc are not valid.

The testing department considers documents for recognition of a diploma from 1 to 3 months. A potential employer is committed to teaching you theory and practice on missing subjects.

Then, you and your employer sign a training contract. Congratulations, you are a nurse assistant.

Getting a visa and documents for the final stage of employment 

To obtain visa, contact the German Embassy in your country.
First you will receive a visa to study and training in Germany. At the Embassy you will receive a list of documents required for obtaining a visa.

After training, and if you have a German proficiency certificate of at least B2 level, the employer will offer you a position of nurse with a salary of up to 3,000 Euro.

Work in a developed country with a high salary awaits you. And we are here so that the bothers with documents, formalities and search for an employer do not become an obstacle to your dreams and quality changes in life.

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