MBBS in Russia


Medical schools for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI opened new avenues for students in India. Last year, low-cost Russia MBBS colleges attracted more than 3,500 Indian students. Medical education in Russia is famous across the globe. Also, Russian MBBS degree in India is valid due to the colleges for MBBS in Russia recognized by MCI are available and they come under the top 10 medical colleges in Russia.

Medical study in Russia is known for its high quality of education. Admission in Russian medical colleges is a smooth, systematic and an easy to follow system. Medicine study in Russia for international students is a growing trend in the past years. The cost to study medicine in Russia at a top Russian medical college or any top university in Russia for MBBS out of the huge list of MBBS colleges in Russia is nothing compared to the amount of money students in India pay to become a doctor at Indian medical colleges. A Russia medical university is now being preferred by most of the Indian students over any Indian medical school.
The MBBS syllabus in Russia is full of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in a real life situation. Studying at medical colleges in Russia for Indian students is a much better option as Indian med schools lack practical experience and quality of education. Russian medical colleges for MBBS have proven to be one of the best among all the other European countries. Getting an MBBS degree in Russia from a top rated MBBS University in Russia. MBBS in Russia in English is possible at even the top Russian colleges for MBBS.

Studying at an MBBS college in Russia will always be better than paying the donation at Indian med schools due to the low cost of MBBS in Russia and getting all the benefits of a good Russian MBBS university.

 There are more thousands of Indian students studying in Russia since the past years. There is a constant flow of Indian students in Russia on a huge scale. The Russian MBBS syllabus is also suitable to Indian students which make their study easier and life better.
The criteria set for eligibility for MBBS in Russia are minimal. Medical colleges in Russia fees vary from one university to another. MBBS in Russia cost might vary according to the type, grade and location of the university. MBBS in Russia duration is the same across all the universities in order to maintain uniformity. The subjects of MBBS in Russia are also quite the same. Thus, MBBS education in Russia maintains its uniformity but also possesses diversity at the same time which is a unique combination. This makes medical studies in Russia at top medical colleges in Russia quite a convincing option.

Universities recommended

  1. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia.
  2. Tver State Medical University, Russia
  3. Orenburg State Medical University, Russia
  4. Smolensk State Medical University, Russia
  5. Bashkir State Medical University, Russia
  6. People’s Friendship University, Russia
  7. Kursk State Medical University, Russia
  8. Kazan State Medical University, Russia
  9. Northern State Medical University, Russia
  10. Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russia.
  11. Volgograd State Medical University, Russia
  12. Perm State Medical University, Russia
  13. Mari State University

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