There are lowest cost medical MBBS  programs available  for Indian students  in Kyrgyzstan  at a total cost of only Rs.12.00 Lacs including the fees structure and hostel accommodation. The Kyrgyzstan MBBS program can be completed within 6 years. Basically, MCI recognised medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are available. In earlier days, the Kyrgyzstan was a part of former USSR. Further, it split from modern Russia in 1991.

The Kyrgyzstan is sandwiched between of China and Kazakhstan. The Indian students feels comfortable in Kyrgyzstan.  Because, the weather is almost similar to colder Indian cities in North India. Also, the cost of living is slightly less than India. For Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad must definitely consider choosing a top university from the Kyrgyzstan medical university list. There is a huge list of MCI recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. In comparison with MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS in Russia , MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and China are more economical for students who want to pursue their MBBS study in abroad. The MBBS fee in Kyrgyzstan is very affordable to Indian students and is considered to be one of the few countries who offer MBBS with less fees in the world.

The country is absolutely secular and culturally accepts Indian students from all the religion go to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Studying at any top MBBS college in Kyrgyzstan would assure students a good medical career ahead.


In order to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan, generally, the Indian students just need to reserve the medical seat by July end. The time taken from application to departure for MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan is 8-10 weeks. But, the student can apply later if the seats are available. The Indian students are required to enter Kyrgyzstan for MBBS by 20th August. Probably, the students who reserve their seats early are able to make it successfully to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan.

Eligibility to get admission in Kyrgyzstan Medical Universities

There are large number Indian students having lower academic such as between 50% to 60% in PCB. But they still wishing to go for high quality and lower cost, they go to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan medical college. Even the students with 50% in PCB may apply to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan at the colleges such as Osh State Medical University by just investing for university application money.

If Indian students are not able to clear the entrance test taken at KSMU, they will be transferred to other Kyrgyzstan medical universities such as Asian medical college. Generally, the Indian students above 55% in PCB in India, pass this exam easily. In addition, there is no donation to study at medical colleges of Kyrgyzstan. In fact, the students need to appear for an entrance test only at Kyrgyzstan State Medical University. However, there are no scholarship are available for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. The admission process is quite similar to the process for MBBS admission in Russia.

 Universities for MBBS in Kyrgystan

The students can choose any of the low-cost MCI recognised medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. Also, the Students can study MBBS in English medium. Also, There are around 5,000 Indian students study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at these medical colleges.

  • Osh State Medical University.
  • Jalalabad Medical University.
  • International School of Medicine (ISM), Bishkek.

The most recommended one among them is Kyrgyzstan State Medical University (KSMU). The other MBBS Kyrgyzstan option is Asian Medical University which is quite good also it has the high number of Indian students in Kyrgyzstan. The medical studies at Asian Medical College and International medical university of Kyrgyzstan is slowly getting popular because of Indian Food and MCI Test coaching. You can definitely call up MOKSH to get your medical seat!

Generally, All the medical colleges offer programs with 6 years course duration in Kyrgyzstan. However, Only ISM, Kyrgyzstan offers 5 years course duration. Osh State medical university Kyrgyzstan and Jalalabad medical university Kyrgyzstan along with International school of medicine Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan are some of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in Ukraine fees as well as the fees for MBBS in China for Indian students 2017 is higher than Osh medical university fee structure which is one of the top rated university of Kyrgyzstan.

List of MCI approved universities

  • Asian Medical Institute
  • International University of Kyrgyzstan
  • Jalal-Abad State University, Jalal-Abad
  • Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  • Osh State University, Medical Faculty

Admission Process / Procedure for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

Firstly, the Indian students can easily get the admission by applying through a direct MBBS online system. After that, the Indian students are issued the admission offer letter within 2-4 weeks. Then only thing remains that you must take care is the timing of the application. If you apply within the specified time, then there is absolutely no problem to complete the admission process. In that case the departure would be by 15th September to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. This is true especially for the best MBBS college in Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyz State Medical University. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan considered better than Russian MBBS or MBBS in Ukraine 2017 for students who have a limited budget or want an economical option to study MBBS abroad.

For other universities such as Osh State Medical University and Asian Medical Institute, one can apply till late July. The On-line and direct admission system ensures the complete transparency for the Indian students.  Hence, they can track the admission progress through our latest technology “SATS”. There is a completely hassle free admission to the best low cost medical university in Kyrgyzstan is now available for Indian students.