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We are giving admission guidance in 40 reputed MCI approved medical universities in China.

MBBS education in China at the top MBBS colleges in China is one of the best and the most cost friendly option. MBBS degree in China will always hold a status value throughout life along with a spectacular experience and amazing memories. There are a huge number of government medical colleges of china providing MBBS degree in china but not all are approved by MCI.  Study MBBS in china for Indian students is only at specified 45 Universities approved by MCI. Cost of MBBS in China is much lesser in comparison to even Indian medical colleges as well as other medical universities in the world. MBBS in China reviews are 95% on the positive side since the past years. MBBS admission in China is a simple and systematic process. Study medicine in China in English at one of the top rated university in China for MBBS with a very affordable MBBS China fees is now offered to students who wish to study medicine in China.

China medical universities list is revised on a yearly basis with addition of top 25 medical colleges in China and top 10 English medium medical universities in China. Moreover, the answer to why study medicine in China is clearly justified. MBBS in China for Indians is a much preferred option. The cost of studying medicine in China is the major reason why most of the students in India want to study medical in China.


China has the world’s largest population of around 1.50 Billion leading to huge patients flow in the hospitals. This leads to fantastic experience for the students during their internship as well as the hospital visits that start early from the 3rd / 4th semester. Study MBBS China at the top medical school in China has become a recent hot topic of discussion among students across the world. The top MBBS universities in china are generally based in larger cities due to the large patients flow taking their ranking much higher. Due to these the medical education in china has become quite popular among Indian students. MBBS China 2017 is something which would get closed the fastest among all the 9 countries where Indian students go abroad. Studying at any of the best MBBS college in China assures students future career security. MBBS in China English medium is also a possibility now.


Currently there are more than 8,000 Indian students studying MBBS in China in 45 MCI approved universities. Studying MBBS in China at the top China universities for MBBS is one of the fastest growing topic of discussion among the students planning to do their MBBS in abroad. The number of seats in the universities in china  have been lowered in 2014. Most of the Indian students study at the best medical school in China out of the top 10 MBBS colleges in China. Even the best medical university in China is filled with maximum of Indian students. After MBBS in China students can go to USA or Germany for their medical PG.The MBBS duration in China is 6 years which includes one year of internship. The duration of MBBS in China allows students to study 5 years in one of the best university in China for MBBS and come back to India for their internship. Medical study in China will give Indian students that extra edge, flexibility and practical experience which Indian medical schools unfortunately lackMBBS program in China at the best medical college in China is uniquely designed to suit to the needs of international students.

Many universities in China for MBBS which are considered as low cost and cheap medical universities having ‘C’ grade have been removed from the list of approved Chinese medical universities as well as china medical colleges in 2015.China MBBS fees is nothing compared to the amount of money students need to pay at Indian medical colleges. MBBS course in China is revised to make it better each year. Hence the admission for MBBS courses in China needs timely application with proper guidance to select. Also, due to less number of Seats now available for Indian students and high demand already established, the eligibility to get admission to WHO approved MBBS in top China medical universities is as high as 80% in PCB group. Free MBBS in China and MBBS in English in China are now offered by some of the China top universities for MBBS. The cost to study in China even at A graded universities is very low which makes it an attractive destination for Indian students to study MBBS in China universities. Now, the best medical college in China with medium in English are available for you and go for it.Most of them can definitely serve as a best medical college in China for Indian students.

Nowadays Chinese A/B grade Universities are giving admissions to students those who were scored more than 80% in their plus two examinations. Other C –Grade Universities are considering students with low marks.


A quick glance at Beihua Medical University

Beihua Medical University founded in 1906. It is a state-owned public university in Jilin City, Jilin, China.

  • M.B.B.S in English.
  • INDIAN teacher available.
  • Recognized by WHO. 1958, & MCI.
  • 1.55 million Volumes in the library collection.
  • More then 2000 professors and associate professors.
  • One of the prestigious and top ranking universities in China.
  • The largest multidisciplinary university in the Jilin province China.
  • Teaching hospital:4 major hospitals and 42 practice bases with over 10000 beds.
  • 30,000 full-time students, including 3000 post-graduate and more than 1500 international students from over 30 countries.
  • More then 1500 international students, including 200 male and female students from Indias,USA, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arab, etc.
  • Established long term sister university” relationships over 21 universities and regions among which are America. Britain, Japan, South Korea, Russia United Arab Emirates, Malaysia etc.

University Teaching Hospitals:

Beihua Medicine College provides seven specialties, including clinical medicine, laboratory test, oral medicine, preventative medicine, nursing, medical image and pharmacology. Nine subjects are authorized to award master degree. Now the college has 613 full-time and part-time teachers, including 54 professors, 154 associate professors, 210 lectures, 40 tutors of postgraduates, 1 chief professors of Jilin province and 2 mid-aged key teachers.

Since the combination of the university, Medical College has got 100 research programs awarded by The Nation, Ministry or Province. The equipment for teaching and research are valued at 1.6 million in total. There are 4 teaching hospitals, 42 practice bases, 10,000 hospital beds in medical college. The college also undertakes the clinical teaching tasks involving 8 specialties in 6 departments. Its annual academic hours amount to 12,000 and annual practice doctors amount to 800. The affiliated hospital of Beihua University covers 54,000 square meters. The hospital can accommodate 738 beds with 300,000 outpatients and 13,000 inpatients annually. It is a large general “A-Rate of Three Grades” hospital with perfect department system, responsible staff structure, advanced medical technology and precise medical equipment. The hospital has 174 High ranked professional staffs, 270 mid-ranked medical staff and 107 professionals with doctor and master degrees.

How to get admission:

Students wishing to study at Beihua University are requested to contact our office at Trivandrum, we deal directly to University.

Documents required for application:
1. Application form filled in block letters or typed.
2. Certified copy of highest diploma obtained.
3. 6 passport sized photograph.
4. Copy of Passport (if available).
5. Complete Physical Examination form.
6. Registration Fee .

All application materials should reach to the university before February 1 for March session and for September session before August 1 through our representative office. University will not accept any personal inquiry.
After being accepted by Beihua University applicant will obtain a JW202 form and acceptance letter approved by Ministry of Education China.
Applicant should bring JW202 form and acceptance letter to the Chinese embassy or consulate General in their country to receive visa (X Visa).

Hostel Life:

To make overseas students more comfortable and concentrate on their studies, university has provided the following facilities. Hope every student will have a comfortable stay.

Hostel and room facilities, each room is furnished with the following:

  • Telephone Set.
  • Two studying tables.
  • One television set.
  • Two clothes keeping cupboard.
  • Inside hostel groceries shop.
  • 24-hours hostel workers on duty.
  • Two students will share one room.
  • Inside hostel students meeting hall.
  • 24-hours Free lift (Elevator) service.
  • Each room has central heating system.
  • Inside hostel international students mess.
  • Attached bathroom with hot water supply.
  • Only for 25RMB per month broad band Internet access.
  • Free self cooking facilities and washing room at every floor.
  • Gym hall for students to do health exercise inside the hostel.
  • Indoor basketball court, badminton court, table tennis court and volley ball court.

Subjects to be studied during M.B.B.S program

FIRST YEAR:Epidemiology, Medical Terminology, Systemic Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Cellular Biology, Regional Anatomy, Health Statistics, Chinese language.

SECOND YEAR:Physiology, Biochemistry,Microbiology,Immunology,Pathology,Parasitology.

THIRD YEAR:Pharmacology, Community medicine, Diagnostics, Radiology, Forensic Medicine, Psychology, Emergency Medicine.

FOURTH YEAR:Surgery, Medicine, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics,   ENT, Dermatology, Infectious Disease.

Note:  After clearing all the subjects students will be provided a provisional certificate to do internship for 1 year.After completing one year of internship students will be provided a degree of (M.B.B.S) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.


China Medical University (CMU) is located in Shenyang, Liaoning. It was founded in Ruijin city, Jiangxi province in 1931. It is one of the top ten medical schools in China. It is a university with a history of more than 80 years. CMU started as the Military Medical School and Health School of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army and later merged two medical schools in Shenyang:the governmental Shenyang Medical College and the former private Liaoning Medical College, both of which had a history of about one hundred years. CMU was a university affiliated with Ministry of Health (MOH) previously and became a university co-constructed by Liaoning Province together with MOH in the year 2000.

CMU has 33 colleges, 63 disciplines or specialties offering doctoral degrees, 73 disciplines or specialties offering master’s degrees, 7 postdoctoral research stations and 19 specialties for undergraduates. CMU also has 3 affiliated general hospitals and 1 dental hospital.More than 800 international students from more than 40 countries are studying at CMU by September, 2015.


Clinical Medicine-6years-English medium of instruction.


Jilin University  is a leading national research university under the direct jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Education.Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeast China, the university has seven campuses in six districts that are home to 39 colleges covering 13 academic disciplines.Jilin University is a comprehensive and national key university.[9][10] JLU offers a variety of degree programs. It has 115undergraduate programs, 192 Master’s degree programs, 105 doctoral degree programs, and 17 post-doctoral programs.


MBBS-6years-English medium of instruction